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Erwin Muilwijk
Erwin Muilwijk is a freelance military historian specialising in the 1815 Waterloo campaign, with a main interest in the Netherlands field army. He maintains close relations worldwide with scholars of this historical period, including sharing knowledge and contributing material for publications of fellow authors. The author maintains close friendly relations with highranking officers in the Dutch army with regards to the bicentannial celebrations of the armed forces and the kingdom of the Netherlands during 2013 - 2015, as well as providing historical information.

The author followed various educational and career paths, receiving a management degree as a librarian and working for several years in public libraries. Next he pursued a career as an officer in the Dutch merchant navy, followed by positions as a maintanance engineer and safety inspector for high pressure water pumps and currently similar offices in a Dutch commerical company and dealership for rope- & chain hoist cranes.

Erwin Muilwijk was born in 1968 and lives in the Netherlands, close to Rotterdam and The Hague.

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