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Volume Four: The open road to Paris

Waterloo campaign 1815 Dutch Belgians

  • Volume Four is planned for publication in Summer 2017
  • Working title for Volume Four is 'The open road to Paris'

Content information

Volume Four presents the invasion of France by the Allied and Prussian armies and in particular the investment, sieges and occupation of various French fortresses by the Netherlands field army. To ensure a greater understanding of the invasion, we will present other theatres as well where the French bravely defended their country, such as General Rapp at Strassbourg or the defence at Lyon.

What more can be expected:

  • The advance of 1st Corps now commanded by General Chassé with the British towards Paris
  • The capture of Péronne and the role of Trip's Carabiniers brigade
  • The surrounding of Paris from 1 July onwards by Netherlands troops and its encampment at the Bois de Boulogne
  • The addition of a 4th Netherlands Division commanded by General von Kruse
  • The sieges of Le Quesnoy, Valenciennes and Condé by the 2nd Netherlands Army Corps commanded by Prince Frederik
  • The role of the numerous Dutch volunteer companies arriving in France
  • The return of the field army by late November and December to the Netherlands
  • The role of the Netherlands Reserve Army in Belgium during the invasion
  • The part played by the Dutch military commissioners attached to the Bavarian and Russian armies
  • Much, much more...

This history presents the final and often neglected part of the 1815 campaign.