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The Dutch-Belgians at Waterloo, the final word

Our 3rd Volume "Standing firm at Waterloo" offers the latest and most complete history on behalf of the Netherlands field army for the days of 17 and 18 June, including everything you ever wanted to know in great detail on how its troops fought at Waterloo or were guarding the position of Halle.

Nowhere else will you find a more detailed history of the battle based on more than 200+ memoirs from Dutch, Belgian and Nassau soldiers and officers serving together in one field army. In over 700+ pages in 3 volumes we present you a history that no one else has ever made available. This history and series of books is a must have for anyone who seriously wants to know all about 1815, the battles & the campaign.

The original illustration used for the cover of Volume Three

In anticipation of the bicentanary in 2015 many books and publications will be published, but we at Sovereign House Books are convinced that our own books will offer such an amount of new information that no other books to be released can present the wealth of new information regarding the campaign & the battle. And in 2015 we will provide you with the last and 4th Volume in our series, containing the very latest archival research on the Netherlands field army participating in the invasion of France, the march to Paris & the numerous sieges by its army of fortresses in northern France.

The print-on-demand publications of Sovereign House Books offer first quality texts, illustrations, art work from museums and photographs of battlefield walks. Each of of current 3 volumes has a cover theme depicting the Prince of Orange and furthermore displays the national colours in red, white and blue. 

Battle of Waterloo Dutch Belgians

Make sure you have all our editions on your bookshelf and add the 4th volume, that has the colour orange!

Next year in 2015 we complete our history on the Netherlands field army and you will come close to having around 1000 pages of new material on the Waterloo campaign, no one else can offer you!