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Belgian Waterloo monument

Just a few weeks before I published my third volume I made a last visit to the battlefield of Waterloo and made some walks across the fields. Among one of the prominent monuments was that dedicated to the Belgian troops who fought in the campaign and in this battle. It is located at the crossroads of the Ohain road from where you conveniently can shop at the visitors centre, or turn the other way towards Papelotte and the main road leading from the village of Waterloo to Charleroi.

Even I myself had obviously seen the Belgian monument, erected just prior to World War One, on many occasions and this time decided to make a few more closer photographs all around. I consider it a very beautiful monument for the period in which is was designed and erected to honour the commitment of the Belgians in 1815. 

What makes this monument even more special is the fact that of all the troops joined together and serving in 1815 in the Netherlands field army, this is the only monument remembering their participation. No monuments are present for the Dutch and Nassau troops.

Belgian Waterloo memorial 1815

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