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Reshaping history (2)

It is always very nice to see when new publications on the Waterloo campaign do include my own work in their bibliographies and make mention of you in their acknowledgment. It adds weight and importance to what I have written, shows my work is appreciated and taken serious. Above all important is the fact how my analyses and presentation of facts and memoirs on the Waterloo campaign influences other authors.

Such is the case with the recent booklet by John Franklin entitled "Quatre Bras", as a first volume on the Waterloo campaign, and published by Osprey as nr. 276 in its Campaign Series. Kudos John!

Other appreciative words were expressed by the British hisotrian Rory Muir, who is currently working on his second volume for the biography on the Duke of Wellington. click here

I recently learned from my friend & fellow freelance historian Pierre de Wit, that besides himself and John Franklin, I was considered by Gareth Glover to be among them as leading authors and investigators on the history of the Waterloo campaign! For more information on how I contributed to other publications and authors, click here.