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Progress on Volume Four

The research for the fourth and final volume in the series on the Netherlands field army in the 1815 campaign is currently still in full progress. 

Thousands of contemporary documents have already been gathered from various army archives concerning the corps headquarters, the Indian Brigade and the 1st Division. Private journals of for example Major-General De Eerens have been extensively researched for the period after Waterloo, as well as the continuous journal of the Quatermaster-General Constant-Rebecque up to the last days in December 1815 when the field army returned home and was disbanded. Furthermore additional literature is now collected and studied on such themes as siege warfare in relation to the sieges/observations of the fortresstowns of Le Quesnoy, Condé and Valenciennes. But also those of Péronne, Bavay and Bouchain. All these towns were involved in what became the last active sieges by a Netherlands force (except 15 years later when the Dutch were besieged themselves in Antwerp).


At this moment hundreds of documents for the 2nd Division are gathered, where later on the same needs to be done for the 3rd Division and the cavalry. So far, very interesting details, such as regarding the medical healthcare have emerged. Nonetheless, the actual search and collecting of raw data is at this moment not yet finished and as such studying all of this material has not even begun. And we do not want to rush matters and publish half a book in June 2015, so it is rather more realistic to expect the fourth and final volume later on next year.

What we do know and think will be the title is The open road to Paris, based upon the strategic choices made by Wellington and Blücher to advance into France and the French problems to defend their new borders from 1814 onwards. This will be the main background theme in the next volume, from which further on the chronological account can be presented.

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