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Prelude to Waterloo

Did you know that about a third of Volume One "From mobilisation to war" actualy deals with the outbreak of hostilities on 15 June?!

This part of the volume describes in great detail the events and manoeuvres for the various Netherlands divisions. How even during the early morning they were well aware of the French invasion directed towards Charleroi and adepted their defensive schemes to meet this threat. How above all the Prince of Orange quickly spurred his horse to Brussels to inform the Duke of Wellington of all these events.

Frasnes 1815 Red Lancers

Perhaps even more interstingly is the chapter that tells about the action at the small village of Frasnes in the late afternoon on 15 June, when the Red Lancers of the French Imperial Guard cavalry spearheaded the French advance along the road from Charleroi to Brussels, accompanied by Marshall Ney. They were stopped in their march forward by the resilient Nassau soldiers that served in the Netherlands field army, who were assisted by just one horse battery commanded by Captain Bijleveld.

This brave, although small, action and the subsequent fighting around Franses by the Nassau brigade under the command of Colonel von Sachsen-Weimar that late afternoon has never before been described in such detail as in volume 1 "Mobilisation". Especially as it is based on and presented through numerous accounts from participating Nassau and Netherlands veterans.

Therefore "Mobilisation" is a must have for anyone who is seriously interested in the Waterloo campaign!

The chapters in this volume on 15 June will further enhance your understanding of what is published in the next volume "Quatre Bras, Perponcher's Gamble".