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Dutch-Belgian casualties at Waterloo

For the exact number of casulaties among the Netherlands forces at Waterloo one still needs to organise a more accurate investigation. However, snippets of information are already avaialable. Such as the losses for Colonel Detmers' brigade that took part in the final attack against Napoleon's forces in the late afternoon.

General Chassé attack Imperial Guard Waterloo

One of general Chassé's aides-de-camp, Captain Schäfer, later summed up a list from his private papers when he was called for this information in 1836 by the then chief of staff Colonel Nepveu. He produced the following list for the 1st Brigade:


                        Prior to the battle            Losses from 12 p.m. until in bivouac

35th Jägers       21 officers & 584 ranks    6 officers & 146 ranks

2nd Line            25 & 484                        4 & 54     

4th Militia          24 & 495                        4 & 33

6th Militia          23 & 469                        1 & 35

17th Militia        26 & 508                        1 & 29

19th Militia        23 & 444                        3 & 50  

This information is of the greatest importance for our later investigations into the most exact numbers of casulaties that fell among the Netherlands troops. Not merely at Waterloo, but also at Quatre Bras, or the sieges of several French fortresses later on. 

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