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Reshaping history (3)

It is a pleasant surprise to see once more how other historians appreciate the publications of Sovereign House Books and its author Erwin Muilwijk, when it comes to the detailed information brought forward for the general public on the role and contribution of the Dutch-Belgians in the Waterloo campaign of 1815. In the last months two new books have been published, that frequently quote, comment or make use of the three volumes so far published in our series. Within just three years since 2012 Sovereign House Book's publications have made a great impact on the history of the campaign and battles of 1815.

An impact that is not ignored, but fully embraced!

The Dutch historian Kees Schulten, former director of the Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie (the Dutch army's historical staff section) published his "Waterloo 18 juni 1815: de val van de adelaar".

Likewise the British historian Rory Muir just recently published his second volume on the life of the Duke of Wellington, "Waterloo and the fortunes of peace, 1814 - 1852".


It is wonderful to see how in just three years since starting publishing books in 2012, the author Erwin Muilwijk has received so many positive acclaims for his new contributions to the history of 1815, its battles and the entire campaign. Above all it is great to see that other historians value this work and find it worthy to quote from its volumes, refer to it in their studies and make mention throughout chapters and their accompanying notes.

So.... do you want to know more as well? 

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