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Incredible new information on Waterloo

Our drive and passion for the history on the Waterloo campaign resulted over the past decade of collecting material in the largest ever collection of new eye-witness accounts on behalf of the Netherlands field army, i.e. the Dutch-Belgians and their Nassau comrades. 

Where everyone believed for almost 200 years there were no ego-documents left to us now by the Dutch-Belgians, we have proven this to be incorrect. And now our collection of books is able to draw from at least 200+ individual accounts, to enlighten, enrich and quote from, in order to present new and interesting histories. Moreover, we can enrich our histories through thousands of orders left behind to posterity in the numerous order books on army, divisional, brigade and even company level!

Concerning this company level we already used such an orderbook from the 6th (flanker) company of the 19th National Militia Battalion in our first volume "From mobilisation to war". The battalion was commanded in 1815 by Major Hendrik Boellaard. Currently this orderbook is on special display at the Nationaal Militair Museum in Soesterberg.

Sovereign House Books is proud to have presented such a wealth of new information on the 1815 campaign. Something that one simply can't ignore, when one is truly interested! So if you are a Waterloo adept or aficionado: purchase our publications!!!!

Hendrik Boellaard Dutch Belgians 1815Pastel colour drawing of Hendrik Boellaard, dated 1817 (artist Cornelis van Cuyleburgh)