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Waterloo 200: Frasnes (15 June 1815)

Right about this time 200 years ago the few troops of the Netherlands army positioned around the hamlet of Frasnes, just south of Quatre Bras, noticed an ever increasing sound of gunfire and more and more local civilioans and farmers fleeing north.

What was happening? Well, the French army marched north since it concquered Charleroi. The Imperial Red Lancers rode ahead with Marshal Ney. They thought to quickly pass the crossroads, appropriately named in French Quatre Bras (four arms). However, one battalion of Nassau troops and a horse artillery battery blocked their path. Under the overall command of the Duke Bernhard von Sachsen-Weimar, these brave men serving in the Netherlands field army, blocked the further advance of the French army.

Historicaly this is an important event for the remembrance of 200 years of our Dutch army, its history and commitment in the 1815 campaign, as it was the first engagement against a hostile force.

Souvereing House Books presents the most detailed account of this first ever engagement of the Netherlands army! Bernhard Duke of Saxen Weimar

Portrait of Berhard Duke von Sachsen-Weimar

More to come

Of course our recent investigations have led to even more precise information on this small skirmish north of Frasnes. 


In the next few days we will publish an e-Book on this engagement, that allows further insights through the memoirs of the French cavalry commander Colbert!

We offer you the entire engagement in our superb Volume One "From Mobilisation to War".