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Waterloo 200: Dutch army honours its fallen comrades

Each year the Dutch army faithfuly honours its fallen comrades of the 1815 campaign.

Or to be more precise, gathers at the Dutch cavalry monument at the crossroads of Quatre Bras. Here all the officers and men from all cavalry corps serving in 1815 in the Netherlands army, both Dutch and Belgian, are remembered with military honour and distinction. These men gave their lives for the freedom of our once united kingdom and now two befriended nations.

Waterloo Quatre Bras Dutch Belgians

Fortunately this annual remembrance meant that the Dutch army in one small but nonetheless very important way was present on the battlegrounds of 1815 during these bicentanary days! Honouring our fallen heroes and commemorating the 1815 campaign.

I am grateful here to use some of the photographs taken today on 17 June at the commemoration and published by General van Keulen, brigade commander of the 13th Light Brigade and Weapon eldest of the Cavalry in the Dutch army. Remembering is a shared value between us as civilians and our military men.

Please, honour these fallen Dutch and Belgian men for a moment.

And look further down here for this special annual moment.