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Waterloo 200: history of 200+ veteran accounts

The history we present in our publications on the role of the Netherlands field army in the 1815 Waterloo campaign, could not have been told without the voices from the past of numerous veterans. They left us a great number of eye-witness account in letters written back home just after the battle, or published these in memoirs, diaries & journals, or answered questions about what they remembered to historical writers on the campaign in later life.

These accounts add up to more than 200 memories! Without their accounts, it would have been impossible to get so close to the events and inside the battles fought. It is the reason why we here at Sovereign House Books decided to incorporate as many of their stories into our publications, so that you, the reader, can get as close as possible as well.

Let us honour some of these veterans from 1815, who did not leave us their accounts, but nonetheless are part of this history! Let us honour all these veterans!

Waterloo veteran

Anonymous veteran

Look here for a few more of these Netherlands veterans!


Waterloo veteran and wife

Jannes van Wijk (3rd National Militia Btn.) who in later life emigrated to the USA

Waterloo veteran Dutch Belgians

Evert de Niet (15th National Militia Btn.)

Waterloo veteran officer

2nd Lieutenant J.J. Majoie (2nd Carabiniers) (kindly reproduced by his descendant Mrs. Caroline Majoie)

Waterloo veterans

 Andries Vermeer, with his wife (6th Hussars Rgt.)