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Progress on Volume 4

We are currently working on the final volume in this series. This means collecting thousands and thousands of documents from the various divisions, brigades, and both of the headquarters of the 1st and 2nd Netherlands army corps. These documents comprise such information as general orders from the top down, but also individual messages of situations or entire reports about the various French fortresses being besieged or taken by the Dutch-Belgian troops. For example Le Quesnoy and Péronne, or Bavay and Bouchain. And of course the observations of Valenciennes and Condé. 

Also the march of the army towards Paris, its cantonments from July to the end of November in France. Or the typhus epedemic that broke out in the Bois de Boulogne and cost many lives. Also interesting is the siege of Bouillon, or the handout of the first Militaire Willems Orde medals, and the many complaints why many still by the end of october 1815 had not received theirs. 

In all it means we have to methodicaly rummage through all these papers from archives to discover the many themes underlying them, in order to present a cohesive history for volume 4. That is taking longer than expected, but be sure: the last book will no matter what be published.

Fortress Bouchain 1815

Relief map of fortress Bouchain