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Walk inside the Gémioncourt farm at Quatre Bras

Way back somewhere in 2005 when I still joined a re-enactment group portraying the Dutch 27th Jägers, I took a group with me of various re-enactors to the fields of Quatre Bras. As we walked along on this battlefield tour I explained to them various aspects of the fighting by the Dutch-Belgians in 1815 and showed the particular positions on the field. When we came to the Gémioncourt farm, the current owner and still active farmer, allowed us the rare opportunity to enter the courtyard.

In 1815 the farm held no tactical significance as it was positioned between two ridgelines in the low ground and therefore not occupied and fortified (N.B. see a report from Dutch engineers dating from late 1815 who mapped the battlefield, in Volume Two). Only during the retreat of the Dutch-Belgian troops in the opening hour of the Battle of Quatre Bras was it temporarily held by two companies of the 27th Jäger Battalion, reinforced by two companies of the 5th National Militia Btn. in the orchard immediately adjacent south of the farm. These scenes are described in full detail in Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble.

As many of you will perhaps never have this similar opportunity to visit Gémioncourt farm, I present a series of photos I took back then.

Our mixed group of Dutch-Belgian jägers, militia and line troops

Your author is second from the left

Looking to the east

The main living qaurters located on the southern side

The big barn on the northern side


Buildings on the eastern side

The treelines indicate the little stream that ran eastwards

A view just outside of the farm towards the south, indicating there was no view of the apporaching French troops