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Adding more history to the Battle of Waterloo

Here at Sovereign House Books we pride ourselves to publish new insights on the 1815 campaign and its battles.

We do so by adding the hitherto almost unknown contribution of the Dutch-Belgian fieldarmy, including that of the Nassau troops which also were part of that same army. In fact a conglomarate Netherlands fieldarmy, that was part of the Duke of Wellington's army in 1815.

Our publications are based on long lost army reports, divisional and brigade journals, field orders, return strength states & losses, reports held secret by the Netherlands government at the time, as well as many other archival crossreferences to the distribution of medals, communications from the War department and the King's offices. And above all the private memoirs, autobiographies and private letters from both officers, NCOs and soldiers. Both published and in many cases untill now unknown and unpublished.

These few hundreds of accounts as wel as the many thousands of small and short field orders do not merely provide a new and more complete light to the role of this Netherlands fieldarmy, but these also add an enormous wealth to understand the 1815 campaign and its battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

Since we began publishing our books in 2012 we have had a major impact on the history of the battles and the campaign. Many historians have acknowledged that the input of our books is new, refreshing and finally fills the gap about the Dutch-Belgians. Since 2012 the history we present has become a vital part in over 30 publications by other Dutch and international authors who wrote about Waterloo and 1815.

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