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Volunteer jäger companies

After the battle of Waterloo a number of volunteer jäger companies joined the Netherlands army when it was in France.

These volunteer companies were raised when news had arrived of the escape of Napoleon from Elba and as a consequence a general uproar of emotions raged through the higher classes of Dutch society. Civilians ('burgers') and students proclaimed their adherance to the Orange banner and demanded the right to form volunteer units. In the end King Willem I had to give in and grant the right to raise a number of volunteer companies, which were either on horse or foot. Several were raised in towns such as Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Arnhem and Leeuwarden.

These volunteer horse or foot companies marched to France and were added to the regular infantry battalions or cavalry regiments. Their story will be added into Volume Four that is due to be published in the Summer of 2017. And these stories include private accounts as well that date back to the actual year of 1815 itself.

Once again we will present you with another astounding addition to the 1815 fieldcampaign history.