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Interview with Heritage Daily

I was recently interviewed for the online magazine Heritage Daily about my research and publications.


Often ignored in English-language histories of Waterloo, or considered to be poor troops, the Netherlands field army of 1815 was one of the largest Allied contingents commanded by the Duke of Wellington, and they played a crucial role in the defeat of Napoleon. Yet, until 2012 their history had gone un-written. Erwin Muilwijk, a former officer in the Dutch Merchant Navy, has spent years sifting through Dutch and Belgian archives to reveal the story of Waterloo from the perspective of Wellington’s non-redcoat troops. Initially interested in the battle of Les Quatre Bras (16 June 1815) Erwins’ work has expanded to encapsulate the Netherlands field army throughout that bloody summer.

New Light on Waterloo. An interview with Erwin Muilwijk