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Standing firm at Waterloo

That is going to be the title of our 3rd Volume.... Standing firm at Waterloo.

A third volume in a series on the Netherlands field army in the 1815 campaign, which up and until now has already added an enormous wealth of additional and for the most part also often unknown material to the historiography of this campaign. No doubt this 3rd volume adds even more new insights and information on the role of the Netherlands troops in the Battle of Waterloo.

Illustrated with dozens of quotes from the Netherlands troops as well as their French adversaries, this history provides a balanced account of the battle.

You simply cannot afford to miss this history!

Whether you are generally interested in the Napoleonic Wars, or an afficionado on Waterloo, a wargamer or re-enactor portraying one of the Netherlands units of the period, or even a serious historian on the battle and campaign.... THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!

Volume Three is due for the end of May 2014.