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Fieldtrip to Belgium

The fieldtrip of two weeks ago through Belgium along the various scenes of 1815 was very enjoyable. I made some wonderful photos, amongst other of the really surprisingly tall heights behind the village Arquennes (with the bridge across the Samme river), where on 16th June the Netherlands cavalry division and a Hanoverian brigade took up positions to block the road from Binche/Mos to Nivelles.


Next I took the original meandering small country roads from Nivelles to braine-le-Comte, which passes over heights and through valleys to visit the headquarters of 1st Allied Corps. On my way back passed through Houtain Leval, where the 2nd (Nassau) brigade had its headquarters, but unfortunately I am unfamiliar with any of the buildings at present in relation to 1815 (even the old ones...). A last wild and bumpy ride south of Frasnes over a dirt track filled with waterholes and snow remants brought me to the Grand Champ farm, where during the battle of Quatre Bras the French wounded were attended to.

Grand Champ farm