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Waterloo: did Chassé charge against the French Guards???

Did General Chassé at the end of the Battle of Waterloo charge with his brigade commanded by Colonel Detmers charge against the French Garde Impériale?

Would you like to know the answer? Read more about how the men and officers from Detmers' brigade charged down the slope of Wellington's position at the end of the battle?! Do you want to know the perspective of the Netherlands troops during this final part of the battle! And also have the part played by the British troops in this critical episode of the battle acknowledged?

In that case wait for our next Volume Three, in which we positively describe how Chassé DID NOT charge against the French guards battalions. And at the same time read what happened exactly. It is an intrigueing history!!!

Attack of general Chassé at Waterloo 1815

Volume Three is almost there for you to order!!!