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Hougoumont and the brave Nassau defenders

The Hougoumont compound was defended not merely by the British Guards, or detachements from the Hanoverians, but right from the start to the end by the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Nassau Regiment under the command of Captain Büsgen. The story of these Nassau defenders is the main focal point, when we present the staunch defence of Hougoumont in our 3rd volume. Through the accounts left to us of not only Captain Büsgen, but also of Sergeant Andreas Buchsieb and Private Leonhard we experience the hard fight for the farm, garden orchard and wood.

And to achieve and present an even further balanced history numerous French memoirs are included as well, such as that of Chef de Bataillon Jolyet from the 1e Léger, or Sous-Lieutenant Puvis serving in the 93e Ligne, and ofcourse other account from General Foy, the chiefs of staff of the 5e and 9e Division Trecon and Lemonnier DelaFosse, or Comte Reille, etc, etc.

Thus resulting in an exciting history for you to read! And we do have some nice quotes to look at as a preview, when you click the 'read more' button. So don't hesitate and...

Hougoumont 1815


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Standing firm at Waterloo

That is going to be the title of our 3rd Volume.... Standing firm at Waterloo.

A third volume in a series on the Netherlands field army in the 1815 campaign, which up and until now has already added an enormous wealth of additional and for the most part also often unknown material to the historiography of this campaign. No doubt this 3rd volume adds even more new insights and information on the role of the Netherlands troops in the Battle of Waterloo.

Illustrated with dozens of quotes from the Netherlands troops as well as their French adversaries, this history provides a balanced account of the battle.

You simply cannot afford to miss this history!

Whether you are generally interested in the Napoleonic Wars, or an afficionado on Waterloo, a wargamer or re-enactor portraying one of the Netherlands units of the period, or even a serious historian on the battle and campaign.... THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!

Volume Three is due for the end of May 2014.



The wounded at Waterloo

In our next book on the battle of Waterloo there will be special attention to the many wounded among the men of Bijlandt's brigade, which received the full brunt of the attack of D'Erlon's corps, fell back for a moment and then countercharged. There are just so many thrilling descriptions of men and officers in the brigade who were wounded, that these cannot be taken into the chapter on the first main French assault, but are nonetheless worthy to present in a seperate sidebar.

Take a further look here for the suffering of Captain van der Brugghen van Croy, who served in the 7th Militia Battalion, and another exciting little news!

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Hundred Days 1815

On this day 20 March 1815 and exactly 199 years ago the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte entered Paris and took control of the French government again.

It was the effective start of what was later known as the Hundred Days.

A lot of those '100 days' have been covered in our previous two volumes and will be followed this coming May with a third volume, covering the exploits of the Netherlands troops on 18 June 1815 during the Battle of Waterloo.

Battle of Waterloo 1815 

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