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Being part of the 1815 historiography

Every author writes books to get acknowledged by others. Especially to have his works mentioned in other publications, as it means he is taken serious, well worth to be regarded as an authority on the subject and included in their bibliographies as a reliable source of information. We at Sovereign House Books feel very proud to have accomplished this in our first two years as an independant print-on-demand publishing house.

And thus it is very nice to see how the books we have until now published are already acknowledged by others and mentioned in the bibliographies of their publications, such as in the recently published (2013) biography on King Willem II by Jeroen van Zanten.

Like we already mentioned earlier here: our books and its contents are spreading around the world.

What we publish matters.

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Review of Volume Two on battle of Quatre Bras

The latest December issue of the Newsletter of the Friends society of the Dutch Royal Army Museum (Vrienden Legermuseum) contains a wonderul review of our last book 'Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble'.

From this review: "The books by Muilwijk are recommended. For the first time the contribution of the Netherlands army takes centre stage in a study about 1815."

Deploying into battle at Waterloo

How were the infantry brigades of the Netherlands, i.e. Dutch-Belgian forces actually deployed at the Battle of Waterloo?

Did they use some sort of seniority system like the British army? Or perhaps something more similar to their experience the last two decades as French allies?

Dutch Belgians battle of Waterloo

It is all very fine to write the next definitive history on the Netherlands army in 1815, but it has to be based on solid documentation. And in our first volume ‘From mobilisation to war’ we already presented the drill regulations for the new and young army had not yet fully materialized.

With all sorts of memoirs and accounts from officers telling: I was on the left or right of this & that unit, it is not per se easy to establish a coherent history. Fortunately there is the map of the Battle of Waterloo from the Brussels’ cartographer Benjamin Craan, produced by royal decree and published in 1816. And above all: Craan interviewed numerous officers in the preceding months after the battle from both opposing sides. Surely his depiction of deployed brigades of the Netherlands forces was correct?

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Waterloo books in the press

Take a look at the various publications in the (foreign) press and social media, that pay attention to the publications of Sovereign House Books.

Simply visit the author's page and enjoy reading them! I salute you all from the steps of the Lion Mound.

Erwin Muilwijk

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Memorable bicentanary for the Netherlands

Today on 30 November marks the start of the bicentannial celebrations for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A festive day as well for our publishing house, as we start selling our first e-Books and some of our interested audience actually purchasing these.

It is on this day this history begins with the return of Prince Willem Frederik at the beach of Scheveningen, while already for two weeks at several places all over Holland the population is revolting against the French occupation. Russian cossacks and Prussian line troops assist in the liberation of Holland.

In fact on this same day Prussian troops storm the walls of the town of Arnhem and liberate it, whilst fiercley engaged with the French garrison. A historic event currently re-enacted at Arnhem and where your author will be present tomorrow.

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