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New Waterloo book is almost there!

Our next publication on the retreat of the Anglo-Allied army on 17 June and the Battle of Waterloo on the next day is almost there!

The complete manuscript is now amended with the corrections provided by the renowned British historian Gareth Glover, who himself has published a wealth of information regarding the 1815 campaign. All of the maps to be presented in the next volume are finished, and we have now acquired all the illustrations we need to enrich the history, such as numerous portraits from men and officers involved, photographs of the battlefield and the defensive position at Halle, and a wealth of illustrations regarding the Battle of Waterloo never before published in the public realm.

This coming weekend we will be very busy for all of you interested readers to put together a wonderful publication.

Update morning 22 June 2014: Checking final corrections before uploading the book to Lulu. This involves so much work that we have decided to postpone the release of the book with a few more days: 27 June.