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Battlefield walks at 1815 Quatre Bras

The past years the author has visited the battlefield of Quatre Bras several times to get a better understanding of the landscape. The crossroads were visited with the well-known large farm, the monuments and above all the walks across the entire battlefield included all other positions of both the Anglo-Allied forces as well as those of the French.


Through the thick Belgian clay the author walked on the grounds where once the Bois de Bossu was and next took a refreshing pint of beer in the establishment of the Grand Pierrepont farm. He walked even further south through the streets of the village of Frasnes and stood on top of the Balcan height, where Maréchal Ney commanded his French troops. Across the current roads, which were similarly small in 1815 he passed on foot to see the farms of Gémioncourt and Laraille and the hamlet of Piraumont... enjoyed the sun and the undulating terrain.... wondering in awe how once here many men fought against eachother.

And along these battlefield walks of the past years the author has taken many photographs of the battlefield, which will be presented in the next volume 'Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble'. Not merely to enlighten this history, but also to provide the numerous interested readers who may perhaps never have a chance to visit this battlefield to get a glimps at what it looked like and still is.

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