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Book on Waterloo well received

In the first review on "Standing firm at Waterloo" it is Ron McGuigan from Canada who has written a brief, punctuous and lavishly positive recommendation & which is published on the website Napoleon Series in their bi-weekly 'what's new section' in their forum and in conjucntion in the 'books review section'.

Read the review yourselve by clicking here and become convinced this book and the series are a must have for both the academic and the casual reader on the Waterloo campaign.  The historian Rory Muir also wrote a few kind words!

For more information on our Waterloo book, take a look right here on our webiste.

Meanwhile Volume Three on the battle of Waterloo has sold over 100 copies since its release 3 months ago.

And of all three books currently published we have sold 500+ copies worldwide this month!