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Waterloo 200: marching on to Paris

With the victorious battle remembered yesterday, the armies moved on to Paris.

For the Netherlands troops it was Captain Charles Nepveu who brought them the order in the early hours of 19 June.

Wellington and Blücher meet at Waterloo

Nepveu later wrote: I found myself on the evening at 11 p.m. by sheer accident at the side of the Duke of Wellington and Marshal Blücher at the moment they met eachother. Blücher did not speak French and Wellington no German, and they were obliged to have the congratulations on the victory of the battle translated. I went to pass the night between 1 and 3 at Waterloo, where I hoped to find general Constant. I had to take care myself of my horse, which was very fatigued. At 3 o'clock I left to search for the various corps of the Netherlands army to deliver them te order to move to Nivelles, where I arrived on the 19th at 8 o'clock in the morning.

See his portrait here in later life, when he had received the noble title of baron:


Charles Nepveu Dutch Belgian staff officer

We hope to present you with our last title on the campaign by the end of this year.... Volume Four "The open road to Paris"!