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The Dutch-Belgians at Waterloo

In three volumes we present the hitherto largely unknown history of the Dutch-Belgian army in the 1815 Waterloo campaign. New research in archives and a wealth of mostly unknown eyewitness accounts from Dutch, Belgian and Nassau officers and soldiers, provides more knowledge on the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Especialy on their role in the early hours of the defence of the crossroads of Quatre Bras, or that Bijlandt's brigade was behind the hollow road from the start of the battle of Waterloo, how exactly the Prince of Orange got wounded while leading a brave countercharge to secure the weakened Allied center, what precisely was the role of general Chassé's troops in the fight against the Imperial Guard and finally, how was one Nassau battalion able all day long to withstand the French assaults in the Hougoumont farm (together with the British defenders).

These three volumes on the role of the Dutch-Belgians in the Waterloo campaign add more information to the general understanding. And moreover, it is not chauvenistic, but critical where necessary, and with ther addition of hundreds if not thousands of new primary documents in fact the largest contribution to this history in the past few years.

Truly a wonderful addition to your library!

Dutch Belgians Waterloo campaign books

And let's not forget.... a fourth volume is being prepared to complete this history of the Netherlands field army in the 1815 campaign.