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More information on the volunteer jägers

With some research and digging in archives, we have now been able to collect more material on the role of the various volunteer jäger companies, especially a number of diaries written in 1815 itself!

One account is from a man from the town of Maastricht, who provides an all over insight in his adventures, two men from the Frisian foot company give us almost day by day look into what happened as the volunteers were attached to the 16th Jäger Battalion. For the light horse companies we have discovered several letters written to his parents from a volunteer from Rotterdam, and a diary from another volunteer who served in the company raised in Leiden. And finally there is the recently published diary from Major Jacobus Hojel, who gathered 45 volunteers at Deventer and attached these to the 5th National Militia Battalion.

The man on the right is Major Jacobus Hojel

We hope to add as much material as possible from their accounts in our next volume, and so once again make it a worthwhile read.