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Three books on the Dutch-Belgians at Waterloo

In three volumes we present the most unique history of the Dutch-Belgian army during the 1815 campaign.

Based on thorough archival research into the army records of the time all three volumes present the most detailed history on the contribution of this conglomerate army of both Dutch, Belgians and Nassau troops. This includes a wealth of private accounts, letters and memoirs to enrich these volumes even more.

Through all three volumes we follow the Netherlands fieldarmy on campaign, from its mobilisation and preparation for war, to their specific role during the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

Here at Souvereign House Books you are able to add these must-have volumes to your private Napoleonic library, to fully appreciate the military history of 1815.

Meanwhile we prepare our final and fourth volume on the invasion and occupation of France for publication in 2022.

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