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The Lion Mound

During my recent holidays I brought two brief visits to the battlefield of Waterloo and even twice climbed the Lion Mound. In anticipation of another trip this coming week to the town of Halle and nearby villages to look at the landscape of the Anglo-Allied position here on 17 & 18 June and make an additional battlefield walk in the village Braine l'Alleud and its neighbouring hamlets, where amongst other the Prince of Orange spent the night, I thought it would be nice to clear some on the truths and myths surrounding the Lion Mound, or Butte de Lion.

Dutch Belgians Lion Mound


A friend of mine, Michel Damiens, wrote a very nice article (in French) about the truths and myths surrounding the most discussed monument on the battlefield of Waterloo.

Lion Mound Waterloo monument

Time to get writing again, or this week go out again into the fields!