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Views over Ligny and Waterloo

If you ever have the rare opportunity to climb the new water tower at Fleurus, make sure you do. On top of the 55 metres tall tower you have an excellent view over the battlefield of Ligny. On a good summers day one can even distinguish the Lion Mound on the horizon. When climbing the mound itself, you would be able to see the water tower as well. A unique experience of two panoramic views over two battlefields.

The series of photos here gives you an impression first of the battlefield of Ligny, starting with a view towards the west and the battlefield of Quatre Bras. In the distance the shiny metallic water tower just north of Frasnes can be seen quite clearly, while we continue east and see the trees of the Hôtel de la Paix, all the way towards Point du Jour. (See also our news item of 21 April!) Next is a series of photos of the battlefield of Waterloo, starting with a view north upon the construction of the new visitors centre and next turning against the clock, looking at Hougoumont, La Belle Alliance and ending with La Haye Sainte.


Field research is very important to better appreciate the various sights at battlefields and therefore I visited the various villages of the Hal position, where Prince Frederik had his headquarters just south of this town at the Hondzocht hamlet. All this will be described and presented in our next volume due in Spring 2014 on the Battle of Waterloo.