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Dutch-Belgian memoirs of the Battle of Waterloo

With at least 130 individuals serving in the Netherlands field army in 1815 contributing their memoirs, of which several wrote more than one account, letter or report, resulting ultimately in some 200+ period documents we at Sovereign House Books are indeed proud to state that our books involving the 1815 campaign form the new & very essence in historical research on the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, including all other events concerned. To have collected such a wealth of documents and eye-witness accounts can only be compared with the endeavours such as William Siborne's. 

 Prince of Orange Battle of Waterloo

The Prince of Orange and his staff at Waterloo, as depicted on the Waterloo Panorama by Louis Dumoulin. (Photo courtesy Mrs. E. Schleper)

The memoirs involved are from such high ranking officers & commanders as the Prince of Orange and his brother Frederik to the low ranks of privates, such as soldier Jan Rem. They include the accounts from Dutch, Belgian as well as Nassau soldiers serving together in one army of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Together with additional documents, such as the battalion & regimental records, the day by day order books from the divisions, brigades and even company level, this history presented by Erwin Muilwijk cannot be ignored as a vital and new element to understand the final coalition war against the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Here is your chance to benefit! ... who ever said nothing could be found on the Dutch-Belgians for 1815?

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