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Battle cry 'Oranje boven!'

During the trooping of the colours this week an old battle cry was re-introduced with the army, as 1350 men shouted 'Oranje boven!' (Orange for ever!) in honour of king Willem-Alexander.

We found some other battle cries as well in several memoirs of men and officers who fought at both Quatre Bras and Waterloo, which were feverishly shouted moments before they attacked with lowered muskets and bayonets fixed. We like to share these with you here:

  • Long live the King! (Lang leve de koning!)
  • We would rather die for king and country! (Wij sterven nog liever voor koning en vaderland!)
  • Long live the King, long live Prince Willem! (Lang leve de koning, lang leve prins Willem!)

Commemorative led coin from 1865 for the battle of Waterloo with the Prince of Orange.

Inscription 'Held van Waterloo' (Hero of Waterloo)