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The defence of Hougoumont by the Nassau troops

During the battle of Waterloo the defence of the château and farm complex of Hougoumont, its garden and orchard were not merely in the hands of British troops, who fought bravely. It was also in the hands of the stubborn Nassau troops in the service of the Netherlands army, who amongst other defended the walls of the garden and the southern buildings of the complex. These men were from the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Nassau Regiment, including two jäger companies.

Their story will be included in our new history on Waterloo, told through the accounts of the battalion commander Moritz Büsgen, Sergeant Andreas Buchsieb and Jäger Peter Leonhard. Whilst we even have additional information on some of them leaving the complex, as the majority remained until the end of the battle, looking for ammunitions and retold through the memoirs of Netherlands staff officer Major Jan Egbertus van Gorkum. Their stories will add further flavour to the staunch defence in cooperation with the British comrades.

Read all about it in our next Volume Three.