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Was Bijlandt's brigade in cover at Waterloo?

A great many histories on the battle of Waterloo repeat over and over again how from the start of the battle the Netherlands infantry brigade of Major-General van Bijlandt was still on the forward slope of the Ohain road. Exposed to the fire of the French grand battery. Resulting in the men running to the rear and breaking ranks.

Well.... was it? No, they had taken ample cover by 9 - 10 a.m. behind the ridge together with their Allied comrades. It is corroborated, when for example we take notice of Corporal Dickson's account who served with the Scotts Greys:

Then a strong brigade of Dutch and Belgians marched up with swinging, quick step, and turned off at a cross-road between high banks on to the plateau on the most exposed slope of our position. They numbered at least three thousand men, and looked well in their blue coats with orange-and-red facings. 

In case you want to know more, then look forward to our next volume on the battle of Waterloo and the conduct of the Netherlands troops.

Due for May 2014.