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Illustrations of the battle of Waterloo

Our next Volume Three on the battle of Waterloo contains a great number of wonderfull and full sized illustrations on A4-format.

We have obtained the rights for 4 paintings of the Dutch painter Hoynck van Papendrecht depicting the charge of Colonel Detmers' brigade at the end of the battle, Krahmers artillery battery getting into action, the militia battalions meeting with the Prussians at the final stages of the battle and the pursuit of the French at Maison du Roi and one painting relatively unknown by the artist, being the Nassau troops during their staunch fight and defence of Hougoumont.

Besides these we will present you the 'Waterloo map' created by the British Royal Engineers, made in 1814 and 1815 and collated together into one giant map, as well as the wonderful painting by Patrice Courcelle of Napoleon at his final headquarters at Le Caillou. These last two illustrations will only be available in our full-colour edition!

We have also collected many more unknown illustrations and portraits for our next volume!

Out there this coming May.