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New monument at Quatre Bras

On 13 February 1814 Charles van der Burch raised a light cavalry regiment for the Légion Belge. Later well-known as the 5th Light Dragoons Regiment.

On 13 February 2014 the descendants of this regiment and honouring its traditions, being the 1e/3e Lanciers in Belgium and the Huzaren Prins Alexander (i.m.) in the Netherlands, paid hommage to their old comrades who bravely fought at Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

Monument Quatre Bras Dutch Belgian cavalry

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The monument is temporarily placed next to the Dutch monument for the cavalry at the crossroads of Quatre Bras, along the road to Nivelles. Later it will receive its definite place nearby.

With great military ceremony the monument was unvailed. See real live images from the Belgian television click here.

Sovereign House Books' author was present and very honoured to escort the officers during a battlefield walk prior to the unvailing, besides being their guest during the commemorative dinner held by both regiments afterwards. As an author it is not merely a privilege to be invited amongst retired and active serving officers of the Dutch army, but also to learn how my study and publications are appreciated at the same in the light of 200 years of armed forces. It is therefore a delight to reciprocate my knowledge to the involved man and officers.

See here the text of the most recent monument in honour of the Netherlands cavalry and one regiment in particular.

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