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The battle of Waterloo

The next volume in our series on the involvement of the Netherlands field army in the final campaign against the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte shall not merely provide every reader with astonishing and fascinating material on the endeavours of the Netherlands troops, including the Nassau detachment, but will also present a wealth of French material. With many quotes to guide the history from both opposing armies, resulting in a thrilling account where often during several actions during the battle ordinary soldiers or officers confronted eachother and tell us their shared experiences.

This new and additional material on the battle of Waterloo shall undoubtedly enhance the understanding of both readers and historians, of this epic moment in history and bearth of a modern Europe. With the approach of the bicentannial commemorations in 2015 it is due time to present an indepth history on one of the least studied, perhaps even less appreciated contingents of the Duke of Wellington's army at Waterloo. 

Our aim is to provide a balanced history of the battle, in which all participating contingents and armies are given due credits. Rearders of both our first volumes can acknowledge this.

So check in every once in a while for further news, as Volume 3 is due for May 2014!

Battle of Waterloo 1815