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Red Lancers at Frasnes

One of our next e-Books will present the small action at Frasnes, fought on 15 June between the Nassau infantry and their support of the horse battery Bijleveld, against the Red Lancers of the Imperial Guard. This account that we have published in our first volume, is the most elaborate and complete one ever presented.

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What will make this e-Book so much more interesting, is the fact we will include the account from the commander of the Red Lancers regiment: General Colbert de Chabanais. He wrote this letter to one of the sons of Marshall Ney in 1829, which has never before been published. This completes our already enticing history on the first contact between the French Armée du Nord and the Netherlands troops on 15 June 1815.

Once again Sovereign House Books presents the cutting edge history on the Waterloo campaign!

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