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D'Erlons attack at Waterloo

I am now right in the middle of writing one of the largest chapters for the next volume, which will include an enormous wealth of new information on the conduct of the Netherlands troops, when the French made their grand opening assault under the command of Comte d'Erlon.

It will include amongst other:

  • Bijlandt's brigade resisting the columns of Donzelot and part of Marcognet
  • ... how the Netherlands troops were forced from the hollow road..
  • ... but did not run & instead quickly rallied when Ponsonby charged...
  • ... and how Bijlandt's men countercharged across the hollow road and down the slope...
  • ... capturing a few thousand French grognards

Bijlandt brigade 1815 Waterloo D'Erlon attack


But there is more.... including a little preview!


Such as:

  • .. how the Jägers escorted the Frenchmen back that same afternoon to Brussels
  • or how the cavalry brigade of Ghigny intervened as Ponsonby's men were countercharged...
  • ... how Ghigny led his men across the battlefield and charged the 85e Ligne Régiment...
  • ... and returned after a wide encircling manoeuvre in the rear of Bijlandt's brigade, still holding its initial position

This chapter is supported with numerous quotes from both French and Netherlands veterans, as wll as fine illustrations and phtographs of the battlefield. And furthermore places the role of the Netherlands troops in this part of the battle, in conjunction with the ones of Picton's division.

A preview: What is very intersting is how on the eve of the battle, when all is won, major-General van Bijlandt after having been wounded was able to inform the Secretary of State for the southern provinces Baron van der Capellen on the conduct that day of his men. This is what the baron reported to King Willem the next day:

General Count van Bijlandt is not able enough with regards to the conduct of the brigade he commanded, to praise and laurel it. All of the battalions under his command have excelled. In the first place he recommends Lieutenant-Colonel van der Sande of the 7th Battalion (Belgians). According to the general it is impossible to have not conducted oneself in such a good manner and more intrepidity, than this commanding officer and the young troops under his command have done. He next also mentions with similar praise of the lieutenant-colonels Westenberg and de Jongh, as well as of Captain Crassier who commanded the 27th Battalion in the fire and who in all respects deserves to be promoted to the rank of a commanding officer. The subaltern officers have likewise exemplary fulfilled their duties. Among these his attention was particularly drawn to Lieutenant Count van Limburg Stirum, who, when the battalion he belonged to had suffered so much it ought to have been considered as hors de combat, immediately reported himself with another battalion to continue being part of the battle. 

You do not want to miss this!