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Dutch-Belgians at Quatre Bras

It was only because of the Dutch-Belgians who held their ground between Nivelles and the crossroads of Quatre Bras, that at the latter place on 16 June 1815 a battle took place to halt the French armies marching further to Brussels. For more than an hour the Dutch-Belgians held their positions against an overwhelming number of French troops.

When the Duke of Wellington arrived at the scene, after his talk with the Prussian fieldmarshall Blücher at Ligny, he could only agree with the dispositions of the troops made by the Prince of Orange. And above all the duke acknowledged the fact that in his absence the young prince had meanwhile ordered further reinforcements and deployed Picton's 5th British Division.

Read all about the Dutch-Belgian perpsective on the battle in our book "Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble".

Battle Quatre Bras


Essential reading on the Battle of Waterloo

Find out all there is to know from the Dutch-Belgian perspective on the battle of Waterloo, or everything else there is to know through our series of books "The Netherlands fieldarmy during the Waterloo campaign".

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Prince of Orange at Battle of Quatre Bras 1815 

The Dutch-Belgians at Waterloo

In three volumes we present the hitherto largely unknown history of the Dutch-Belgian army in the 1815 Waterloo campaign. New research in archives and a wealth of mostly unknown eyewitness accounts from Dutch, Belgian and Nassau officers and soldiers, provides more knowledge on the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Especialy on their role in the early hours of the defence of the crossroads of Quatre Bras, or that Bijlandt's brigade was behind the hollow road from the start of the battle of Waterloo, how exactly the Prince of Orange got wounded while leading a brave countercharge to secure the weakened Allied center, what precisely was the role of general Chassé's troops in the fight against the Imperial Guard and finally, how was one Nassau battalion able all day long to withstand the French assaults in the Hougoumont farm (together with the British defenders).

These three volumes on the role of the Dutch-Belgians in the Waterloo campaign add more information to the general understanding. And moreover, it is not chauvenistic, but critical where necessary, and with ther addition of hundreds if not thousands of new primary documents in fact the largest contribution to this history in the past few years.

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Dutch Belgians Waterloo campaign books

And let's not forget.... a fourth volume is being prepared to complete this history of the Netherlands field army in the 1815 campaign.


Progress on Volume 4

We are currently working on the final volume in this series. This means collecting thousands and thousands of documents from the various divisions, brigades, and both of the headquarters of the 1st and 2nd Netherlands army corps. These documents comprise such information as general orders from the top down, but also individual messages of situations or entire reports about the various French fortresses being besieged or taken by the Dutch-Belgian troops. For example Le Quesnoy and Péronne, or Bavay and Bouchain. And of course the observations of Valenciennes and Condé. 

Also the march of the army towards Paris, its cantonments from July to the end of November in France. Or the typhus epedemic that broke out in the Bois de Boulogne and cost many lives. Also interesting is the siege of Bouillon, or the handout of the first Militaire Willems Orde medals, and the many complaints why many still by the end of october 1815 had not received theirs. 

In all it means we have to methodicaly rummage through all these papers from archives to discover the many themes underlying them, in order to present a cohesive history for volume 4. That is taking longer than expected, but be sure: the last book will no matter what be published.

Fortress Bouchain 1815

Relief map of fortress Bouchain

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