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Cover theme for all 4 volumes

It is time to reveal more on the next volume, now that the intended date of mid-May is approaching for publication. The first volume had a blue cover and therefore the second will have a white one. You already guessed right... indeed, the third and fourth will follow with a red and orange cover.

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Interview with Heritage Daily

I was recently interviewed for the online magazine Heritage Daily about my research and publications.

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Fieldtrip to Belgium

The fieldtrip of two weeks ago through Belgium along the various scenes of 1815 was very enjoyable. I made some wonderful photos, amongst other of the really surprisingly tall heights behind the village Arquennes (with the bridge across the Samme river), where on 16th June the Netherlands cavalry division and a Hanoverian brigade took up positions to block the road from Binche/Mos to Nivelles.

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May 2013 Souvereign House Books presents Volume Two

In May 2013 Souvereign House Books presents Volume Two in the series 'The Netherlands field army during the Waterloo campaign'.

The title of the book will be 'Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble'