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Quatre Bras 1815 Dutch Belgians


26 May: release date Volume Two

Proudly announcing the release for Volume Two 'Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble on next Sunday 26 May.


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Dutch-Belgian casualties in the 1815 Waterloo campaign

A while ago I got in touch with another enthousiastic Dutch researcher on the Waterloo campaign, the archivist Mr. Bas Lems. He has always been intrigued by the actual numbers of casualties of the Netherlands field army and the various publications which always present entirely unfounded statisics. As we have now joined up together, we hope we can finally present these figures next year in 2014 as this coincides with the 3rd volume on the battle of Waterloo. Then we want to give the precise figures for the losses sustained by the Dutch, Belgian and Nassau troops at Quatre Bras and present the available troops for the Dutch-Belgians at Waterloo.

Waterloo statistics for the Netherlands field army

Dutch Belgians Waterloo 1815 


Dutch-Belgian order of battle at Quatre Bras

The most complete and finest order of battle for the Netherlands forces, composed of Dutch, Belgian and Nassau troops, is presented in the next volume. Based on all available & original archival resouces from the army dated back to 1815 we present not merely a list of the troops present at Quatre Bras, but also that of the entire field army in a seperate annex in the book. Moreover there is another annex which presents really astonishing information for the actual men under arms for the 2nd Netherlands Division on the morning of the battle of Quatre Bras, which is far more accurate than the effective strengths ever before published in all other histories. 

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Preview Volume Two now online!

Visit the book page for volume two on this website and open the 'preview' pdf-file!

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