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Another milestone

As of today Volume One "From mobilisation to war" has sold 175 copies.

A great feat for a small & independant print on demand publishing house. In fact recently people start buying both of our published volumes together. And where as the first volume has now reached this milestone after 17 months since its publication, our second volume "Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble" is getting closer day by day since we reported on its sales figures 22nd September late in this news column.

Going digital with e-Books

Sovereign House Books is preparing the publication of various e-Books to better serve an even wider interested public.

For this purpose we will publish a broad array of information based on our previous printed volumes, but where these comprise hundreds of pages we will instead focus on smaller subjects. That way we are able to serve you better with the history and particular information you are looking for at an affordable price. Ready immediately for download as an ePub file. (In fact, it might instead be available as a PDF-file. We have not chosen yet, what will be the best suitable choice for you. However it will be the best choice. That is for sure.)

Right now for example we are working on the e-Book publications for the engagement at Frasnes on 15th June between the Red Lancers and the Nassau troops of Colonel von Sachsen-Weimar, and the various orders of battle for the Netherlands troops, including additional background data.


Dutch-Belgian memoirs of the Battle of Waterloo

With at least 130 individuals serving in the Netherlands field army in 1815 contributing their memoirs, of which several wrote more than one account, letter or report, resulting ultimately in some 200+ period documents we at Sovereign House Books are indeed proud to state that our books involving the 1815 campaign form the new & very essence in historical research on the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, including all other events concerned. To have collected such a wealth of documents and eye-witness accounts can only be compared with the endeavours such as William Siborne's. 

 Prince of Orange Battle of Waterloo

The Prince of Orange and his staff at Waterloo, as depicted on the Waterloo Panorama by Louis Dumoulin. (Photo courtesy Mrs. E. Schleper)

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Waterloo books on sale

October means history month every year in the Netherlands. This year the historical theme is 'royals and nation' (vorst en volk).

This entire October month we offer discounts on our printed books.

5% off for the full colour illustrated editions and 15% for the black & white illustrated editions.

Order your copy now, see the discount at the book pages here and in your Lulu order.



100+ copies sold

In the first few months since its publication over 100 copies have been sold of the second volume 'Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble' published by Sovereign House Books to a very wide & appreciative audience, who all acknowledge the content is vital to understand the Waterloo campaign. As an independant print on demand publisher and author I feel very proud for the encouraging and positive comments from fellow & professional historians on the age of Napoleonic warfare. Be part of this!

Status update 6 Dec. 2013: 2½ months further and we have reached a new milestone with 150 copies sold!

Quatre Bras 1815

On this here day of my birthday, I salute you all.

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