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We present a fourth review (in English) on Volume One 'From mobilisation to war' written by Dr. Louis Sloos, which was published in the Dutch military history magazine 'Mars et Historia'. Visit our books page for volume one.

In August we start writing on the manuscript for the third volume on the battle of Waterloo and the role of the Netherlands troops. Meanwhile we have started collecting numerous resouces for the fourth volume on the invasion of France and so far have found a wealth of documents to tell the history from the French point of view as well.

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Monuments at Quatre Bras (1815)

In addition to the numerous photographs published on the battlefield in our recent publication 'Quatre Bras, Perponcher's gamble' it is perhaps also interesting for our readers to have an idea of all the monuments present today, which commemorate the soldiers who fought here on 16 June 1815. Most of these monuments can be found around the crossroads along the road leading to Nivelles or a little south on the battlefiel and one is not even present in Belgium!

Quatre Bras monuments 1815

The stone plaque for all Netherlands troops was once placed in the wall of the large barn at the crossroads, but since several years has been removed to preserve and display at a later date. Its text reads: In memory of the Netherlanders and their Allied defenders of Quatre Bras 15-16-VI-1815This photograph was kindly donated by Dominique Timmermans from Belgium, vice-president of the Association pour la Conservation des Monuments Napoléoniens, which is a socieity that works hard for the preservation and restauration of the numerous monuments related to the Napoleonic period all over Europe. (direct link photograph)

(Look here to find out more on a new monument at Quatre Bras, unvailed in 2014)

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1815 Dutch-Belgian cavalry commemorated (2013)

Last Friday 14 June at the cavalry monument near the crossroads of Quatre Bras the annual official military commemoration was held in honour of the Dutch-Belgian fallen and wounded in the cavalry regiments in 1815. In his speech the chairman of the 'Stichting Cavaleriemonument Quatre Bras / Waterloo' their comrades in the infantry and artillery were not forgotten. It was an exceptional commemoration where representatives of current regiments of both the Dutch army and the Belgian army tracing back their proud history to the 1815 regiments attended and paid hommage to comrades of the past.

Dutch Belgian cavalry 1815 Waterloo


Photographs kindly provided by former NCO of the 'Regiment Huzaren van Boreel' , Mr. P. v.d. Merwe.

(Also see here furthermore exciting news on the Netherlands cavalry and a new monument at Quatre Bras unvailed in 2014!!!!!)

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