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New 1815 maps for Volume One & other news.

We are currently preparing a new series of more accurate and digitalised maps for Volume One, instead of the ones currently presented and hand drawn. New maps as available in the high quality standard for our second volume. 

Ofcourse these will become available as free downloads.

Moreover, once these new maps have been finished, we will be able to offer you another range of e-Books that are compiled from our first printed book. We hope this will be done at the very end of February, or at least by the start of March. Meanwhile don't forget to consult other contemporary (military) maps of the 1815 campaign right here.

Meanwhile we have almost reached a record sales of 200 copies for our Volume One, which can be considered as well done given the very specific topic within the 1815 Waterloo campaign. So, are you the one that is going to accomplish this goal of 200 copies?!?!?! And ofcourse don't forget about our wonderful second volume on the Battle of Quatre Bras, with a wealth of information, documents and first hand accounts, presented in A4-page format in 200 pages. That is really woth the price of a full-colour edition!

And yes, it is just another 3 more months, when we will present our third volume on the battle of Waterloo!



The battle of Waterloo

The next volume in our series on the involvement of the Netherlands field army in the final campaign against the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte shall not merely provide every reader with astonishing and fascinating material on the endeavours of the Netherlands troops, including the Nassau detachment, but will also present a wealth of French material. With many quotes to guide the history from both opposing armies, resulting in a thrilling account where often during several actions during the battle ordinary soldiers or officers confronted eachother and tell us their shared experiences.

This new and additional material on the battle of Waterloo shall undoubtedly enhance the understanding of both readers and historians, of this epic moment in history and bearth of a modern Europe. With the approach of the bicentannial commemorations in 2015 it is due time to present an indepth history on one of the least studied, perhaps even less appreciated contingents of the Duke of Wellington's army at Waterloo. 

Our aim is to provide a balanced history of the battle, in which all participating contingents and armies are given due credits. Rearders of both our first volumes can acknowledge this.

So check in every once in a while for further news, as Volume 3 is due for May 2014!

Battle of Waterloo 1815 

New monument at Quatre Bras

On 13 February 1814 Charles van der Burch raised a light cavalry regiment for the Légion Belge. Later well-known as the 5th Light Dragoons Regiment.

On 13 February 2014 the descendants of this regiment and honouring its traditions, being the 1e/3e Lanciers in Belgium and the Huzaren Prins Alexander (i.m.) in the Netherlands, paid hommage to their old comrades who bravely fought at Quatre Bras and Waterloo.

Monument Quatre Bras Dutch Belgian cavalry

Continue further and enjoy additional TV-footage!

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Illustrations of the battle of Waterloo

Our next Volume Three on the battle of Waterloo contains a great number of wonderfull and full sized illustrations on A4-format.

We have obtained the rights for 4 paintings of the Dutch painter Hoynck van Papendrecht depicting the charge of Colonel Detmers' brigade at the end of the battle, Krahmers artillery battery getting into action, the militia battalions meeting with the Prussians at the final stages of the battle and the pursuit of the French at Maison du Roi and one painting relatively unknown by the artist, being the Nassau troops during their staunch fight and defence of Hougoumont.

Besides these we will present you the 'Waterloo map' created by the British Royal Engineers, made in 1814 and 1815 and collated together into one giant map, as well as the wonderful painting by Patrice Courcelle of Napoleon at his final headquarters at Le Caillou. These last two illustrations will only be available in our full-colour edition!

We have also collected many more unknown illustrations and portraits for our next volume!

Out there this coming May.