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Reshaping the history of Waterloo 1815

The past decade I have been able to exert a great influence on reshaping the history on the Waterloo campaign by providing several internationaly renowned and respected authors and researchers with source material on the Netherlands field army.

Among this select company are the Belgian author Bernard Coppens who wrote his 'Waterloo: les mensonges', or Mike Robinson who years ago visited me at my home and where we spoke an entire day on what happened with the Netherlands troops at Quatre Bras, after which he wrote his book 'Quatre Bras'. Next I was able to assist the Dutch author Andre Dellevoet for his 'The Dutch-Belgian cavalry at Waterloo' by providing several memoirs of cavalry officers. Also John Franklin profited as we closely worked together in the past by presenting two volumes with memoirs on Netherlands correspondence, containing a few dozen original accounts and memoirs. I have always worked very close with the enthusiastic historian Pierre de Wit, by mutually sharing our knowledge and documents on the 1815 campaign. Last but not least our own publication on the Battle of Quatre Bras found its way in the very polular series Les Éditions de la Belle Alliance published by Jean-Philippe Tondeur.


Sovereign House Books and its author are in the centre of all this new and exciting research on the Waterloo 1815 campaign. The series of four volumes by Erwin Muilwijk will further add to the knowledge on 1815. Together with the Waterloo200 Comittee we eagerly anticipate the planned celebrations of the battle in 2015. 


Jean-Philippe Tondeur. Quatre-Bras (tôme 1)

Bernard Coppens. Waterloo: les mensonges

Mike Robinson. Quatre Bras

John Franklin. 1815 Limited

Andre Dellevoet. The Dutch-Belgian cavalry at Waterloo

Pierre de Wit. The campaign of 1815


(This news item was updated on 27th July 2014)

A brilliant artist

Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht (1858-1933) is a famous Dutch artist who produced hundreds of art works on Dutch military history in pen & ink drawings, aquarels and oil paintings. 

Sovereign House Books is delighted to share some of his fine art work relating to the 1815 Waterloo campaign in the next volume as well as in the third volume on the Battle of Waterloo.

Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht

Exiled French royalists in 1815

With some three weeks in advance of the release of Volume Two it is perhaps nice as well as interesting for everyone to know we will continue following the endeavours of the exiled French royalists, where we left them behind in our first volume. King Louis XVIII and his entourage in Ghent, or their small derelict army cantoned at the town of Alost, embodied an awkward relationship with the Netherlands officials by continuously harassing each other over small political and military affairs. As such this small history is once again worth paying attention to.
























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Dutch perspective on Project Hougoumont

Last Summer of 2012 I visited one of the fine conferences of the Belgian delegation of Souvenir Napoleon held at the Hôtel de la Paix, where Napoleon Bonaparte spent the night after his victory of the Battle of Ligny. I had the rare occasion to climb the 55 metres tall water tower of the village of Fleurus under the watchful eye of the local fire brigade and look in awe across the battlefield of Ligny. In the far distance I could distinguish the battlefields of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Even the Lion Mound was visible on the far horizon.

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Fighting in the Bois de Bossu

For the first time ever the most detailed reconstruction is presented on the continuous fighting during the battle of Quatre Bras in the Bois de Bossu. The wood formed the stronghold in the tactical plan devised in the morning prior to the battle by General Perponcher and Colonel von Sachsen-Weimar. It was the secure flank the troops fighting in the fields needed. 

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