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The wounded at Waterloo

In our next book on the battle of Waterloo there will be special attention to the many wounded among the men of Bijlandt's brigade, which received the full brunt of the attack of D'Erlon's corps, fell back for a moment and then countercharged. There are just so many thrilling descriptions of men and officers in the brigade who were wounded, that these cannot be taken into the chapter on the first main French assault, but are nonetheless worthy to present in a seperate sidebar.

Take a further look here for the suffering of Captain van der Brugghen van Croy, who served in the 7th Militia Battalion, and another exciting little news!

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Hundred Days 1815

On this day 20 March 1815 and exactly 199 years ago the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte entered Paris and took control of the French government again.

It was the effective start of what was later known as the Hundred Days.

A lot of those '100 days' have been covered in our previous two volumes and will be followed this coming May with a third volume, covering the exploits of the Netherlands troops on 18 June 1815 during the Battle of Waterloo.

Battle of Waterloo 1815 

D'Erlons attack at Waterloo

I am now right in the middle of writing one of the largest chapters for the next volume, which will include an enormous wealth of new information on the conduct of the Netherlands troops, when the French made their grand opening assault under the command of Comte d'Erlon.

It will include amongst other:

  • Bijlandt's brigade resisting the columns of Donzelot and part of Marcognet
  • ... how the Netherlands troops were forced from the hollow road..
  • ... but did not run & instead quickly rallied when Ponsonby charged...
  • ... and how Bijlandt's men countercharged across the hollow road and down the slope...
  • ... capturing a few thousand French grognards

Bijlandt brigade 1815 Waterloo D'Erlon attack


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Napoleon escapes from Elba

26 February 1815.... 199 years ago on this day, the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from Elba.

11 March 1815 this news arrived at Brussels and The Hague, where the Dutch government immediately decided to mobilise a field army of 30,000 men strong and send these to protect its recently acquired southern territories in Belgium.

Follow this interesting and detailed history in our first publication "From mobilisation to war".

See what other enthousiastic readers think of the volume, consult the preview, or read some published reviews!

Red Lancers at Frasnes

One of our next e-Books will present the small action at Frasnes, fought on 15 June between the Nassau infantry and their support of the horse battery Bijleveld, against the Red Lancers of the Imperial Guard. This account that we have published in our first volume, is the most elaborate and complete one ever presented.

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